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dc.creatorStanisavljević, M.
dc.creatorGavrilović-Damnjanović, Jelica
dc.creatorMitrović, Olga
dc.creatorMitrović, V.
dc.description.abstractTwo-year (1989-90) studies were conducted on the dynamics of mineral nutrients (N, P, K, Ca Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu) in the leaf, crown and root of strawberry cv. Senga Fructarina. The samples were taken during a fifteen-day interval starting from May 15. They were dried to constant mass at 105°C and then homogenized. Mineral levels were determined by the standard method of dry ashing. The contents of all the elements tested were expressed in % or ug/g dry weight. Nitrogen in leaf had a decreasing tendency, whereas its levels in crown tissue increased till early August. There were two maximum levels of N in root. P increased in leaf until mid July, and its contents were at the highest level in crown and root in early August. K in leaf showed a tendency to increase till mid July, whereas K contents in crown decreased until mid August. In leaf and root Ca increased till early July while it had a tendency to decrease in crown. The highest Mg levels in leaf and crown were recorded in the second part of growth cycle. Mg in root increased until mid July. During the first part of growth cycle Fe, Zn and Cu showed the highest values in leaf and crown, and their highest levels in root were in the mid period of the growth cycle. There were two maximum values recorded for Mn in leaf (early July and mid August). The highest levels of Mn in crown and root were obtained in mid July and early August, respectively. B in leaf gained maximum level in mid July while such levels in crown and root were recorded in mid June and mid August.en
dc.publisherInternational Society for Horticultural Science
dc.sourceActa Horticulturae
dc.subjectMineral nutrientsen
dc.subjectFragaria x ananassaen
dc.titleDynamics and contents of minerals in some strawberry organs and tissuesen
dc.citation.other439: 705-708

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