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      'Andelija' - a new red-skinned cultivar of European pear (Pyrus communis L.) released by the Fruit Research Institute, Cacak [1]
      (Black Currant) تغییراتفصلیدرکیفیتمیوهکشمشسیاه [1]
      66 Macronutrients Content in Leaves of Red Raspberry 'Willamette' as Affected by Foliar Fertilization and Substrate [1]
      A collection of European sweet cherry phenology data for assessing climate change [1]
      A comparative analysis of plant growth-promoting traits of Pseudomonas and Bacillus strains isolated from Lolium perenne rhizospheric soil in Vojvodina (Serbia) and their effect on the plant yield [1]
      A Comparative analysis of thin-layer microwave and microwave/convective dehydration of chokeberry [1]
      A comparative study on chemical composition of fresh and dried fruits Čačanska Rodna [1]
      Abnormalities in the ovule development of the European plum cultivar 'Pozna Plava' in the days following anthesis [1]
      Acclimatization of micropropagated red raspberry to ex vitro conditions [1]
      Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Flowers of Fruit Species [1]
      Achievements in the certification of plum planting material in Serbia [1]
      Acta Horticulturae [1]
      Advances in fruit growing technology [1]
      Adventitious organogenesis via intermediate callus formation in representatives of Prunus, Pyrus and Rubus genera [1]
      Adventitious regeneration in blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) and assessment of genetic stability in regenerants [1]
      Aggressiveness of Monilinia spp. towards detached plum fruit [1]
      Agronomic properties and nutritional status of plum trees (Prunus domestica L.) influenced by different cultivars [1]
      Aklimatizacija crvene maline proizvedene mikropropagacijom u ex vitro uslove [1]
      Aktuelna istraživanja u oblasti zaštite voćaka [1]
      Alel a ACO1 gena jabuke [Malus × domestica ACC oxidase (ACO1) gene, ACO1-a allele, partial cds] [1]