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dc.creatorLukić, Milan
dc.creatorMitrović, Milisav
dc.creatorMilošević, Nebojša
dc.creatorKaraklajić-Stajić, Žaklina
dc.creatorPešaković, Marijana
dc.creatorGlišić, Ivana
dc.description.abstractAn orchard system presupposes a coherent form comprising two components: a training system and planting density. Bearing in mind cultivar specificities in the organogenesis of a cropping tree that cannot be influenced by a training system or cultural practices, in recent times, the orchard system presupposes the interaction between the applied training system, spacing and cultivar/rootstock combination. The appropriate selection of the growing system is a major prerequisite for successful utilization of agro-environmental conditions, which influences yields, fruit quality, vegetative activity, longevity of the orchard and on effectiveness of both mechanized and manual work, and profitability of production. The appropriate canopy form and spacing are particularly important in plum cultivars grafted on Myrobalan seedling (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.). It is of great importance which growing system has been applied in a particular plum genotype. The paper presents results of the study of principal biological properties (trunk cross sectional area - TCSA, productive canopy volume - PCV), fruit weight, stone weight and stone/fruit ratio, cropping (kg/tree and t/ha) and yield efficiency of plum cultivars 'Cacanska Lepotica', 'Cacanska Rodna' and 'Stanley' grown under improved pyramidal and open vase canopy. Results showed that in the studies cultivars growing system did not affect stone and fruit weight and yield efficiency (calculated per unit of TCSA and per unit of PCV), whereas the values of all the other parameters were governed by the applied training system. Grown in the form of vase canopy all the cultivars had higher canopy volume and were more productive and lower fruit weight.en
dc.publisherInternational Society for Horticultural Science, Leuven 1
dc.sourceII Eufrin Plum and Prune Working Group Meeting on Present Constraints of Plum Growing In Europe
dc.subjecttraining systemen
dc.subjectfruit weighten
dc.subjectbiological propertiesen
dc.titleBiological Properties of Some Plum Cultivars Grown under Different Training Systemsen
dc.citation.other968: 227-232

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